Enterprises around the world are embracing the Cloud, and in particular are increasing their adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and Cloud based applications. While SaaS applications deliver rapid use and lower costs, they have also created the next set of application integrations, data integration and workflow challenges.Many of the Service Management applications are in on-premise Silos with in the organizations or are moving to the cloud. Integrating the data flow between these applications and across the cloud are challenging.

ReportTA is a web-based Reporting and Archival Application that reports based on Telalert messages. ReportTA non-intrusively receives messages from Telalert such as notification status changes. Telalert is a Core of Messaging Software used to notify people of alerts created in their environment..
Service Operations Manager (SOM) is a web based application that takes care of messaging needs of an enterprise. It provides the ability to receive events from applications, systems and machines. SOM has an internal intelligent engine that can be configured to reduce, categorize and enrich the events to be notified.
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